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Flat roofs

Flat roofs

For more information on our flat roof services, contact our team today at Roofrite Roofing!

Flat roofs

At Roofrite Roofing, we are a team of professional flat roofing contractors based in Limerick. We offer domestic, commercial, and industrial clients high-quality flat roof services in Limerick, Tipperary, Kerry and Clare.

Our well-experienced flat roofing contractors are equipped to handle all flat roof installation, repair, and maintenance aspects. We work with the latest equipment and high-quality materials to ensure that your flat roof is always completed to the highest standard!

Contact Roofrite Roofing today for a free quote on our flat roof constructions!

What flat roof services do we offer?

At Roofrite Roofing we offer a range of flat roof services including:

➜ Flat roof installations
➜ Flat roof repairs

➜ Flat roof maintenance
➜ Flat roof replacements

Fibreglass Roof

As well as traditional flat roofs, RoofRite also repairs and installs fibreglass roofs. The advantage they provide is that they are stronger than traditional flat roof materials, while also providing the bonus of being waterproof.
Our fibreglass roof options come in all shapes and sizes. They are robust and long-lasting options that will make your roof look great while also being resilient to the elements.

For a free quote on our flat roof construction service, contact our team today!

The advantages of installing a flat roof:

There are many advantages of installing flat roofs into your property:

➜ Flat roofs require very little maintenance
➜ They give an excellent aesthetic to your property
➜ They provide you with an extra space to relax or entertain guests
➜ Flat roofs are cost-effective
➜ They can be fitted with insulation to prevent heat loss within your property

Are you in search of flat roofing contractors in Limerick, Tipperary, Kerry and Clare? Contact our team today!

Do we offer flat roof insulation?

At Roofrite Roofing, we offer flat roof insulation installation services. Flat roof insulation is a great way to retain heat within your property, keeping your home or business warm and cosy all year round.

To avail of our flat roof installation service, conatc our team today!

Flat roofs FAQ’s

What is the catchment area of our flat roofs service?

At Roofrite Roofing, we cater our flat roof installations to clients in Limerick, Tipperary, Kerry and Clare.

Do we offer free quotes on our flat roof services?

Yes! At Roofrite Roofing, we offer free quotes with no call-out fees on all our flat roof services.

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